Retirement Newsletter – February 2021

Evaluating an opportunity for an early retirement. The pandemic has hastened the retirement of some baby boomers, and the linked furloughs and layoffs in many industries have led others to wonder if a retirement transition might come sooner than they think. Buyouts became common last year as businesses cut costs. What if you receive one […]

Retirement Newsletter – January 2021

To retire, or not to retire? For some of us, the coronavirus pandemic has complicated the question. As yahoo! Finance reports, a harris poll study conducted this past summer found that 25% of gen xers and 14% of baby boomers think they will retire later than they planned, because of the pandemic’s financial impact on […]

Retirement Newsletter – December 2020

This year, there is more incentive to give. When the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act became law in March, it broadened charitable tax deduction opportunities. These special 2020 tax provisions are worth reviewing before they expire on December 31, 2020. […]

Retirement Newsletter – November 2020

Most americans think they will work in retirement. A life of leisure? That may not be what retirement looks like for baby boomers and gen xers—and in fact, it may not be what they want their retirements to look like. Market research firm ipsos surveyed more than 1,000 u.S. Adults earlier this year, and found […]

Retirement Newsletter – October 2020

Are car or truck costs blocking the road to retirement? On a purely logical level, investing tens of thousands of dollars toward retirement may make more sense than adding an equivalent consumer debt here and now. On a practical level, though, we need a good car or truck, and on an emotional level, we get […]

Retirement Newsletter – September 2020

Could you retire at 55? Suppose you suddenly had to, or the opportunity presented itself. This prospect would not call for disregarding your carefully considered retirement strategy, but it would create some challenges. […]

Retirement Newsletter – August 2020

Figuring out when to start your second act. Many gen xers and baby boomers look forward to retiring on their terms. In such a circumstance, the key question becomes when to walk away from work. According to the center for retirement research at boston college, the average retirement age is now 65 for men and […]

Retirement Newsletter – July 2020

Has the pandemic affected the retirement mindset? Each year, the transamerica center for retirement studies surveys baby boomers, gen xers, and millennials to gauge their perceptions about retiring. The 2020 survey, conducted in april, studied the impact of the covid-19 pandemic and how it may have affected their outlooks. […]

Retirement Newsletter – June 2020

You might spend less – later in retirement. A 2019 whitepaper by the employee benefit research institute (ebri) indicates that americans tend to spend less as they age. […]

Retirement Newsletter – May 2020

How should pre-retirees view illiquid assets? Some people approach their retirement years owning illiquid assets worth more than their liquid ones. While long-held illiquid assets, such as a business or home, may become highly valued or appreciated over time, it can be wise to be frank and conservative when estimating their worth, especially if an […]