Lifestyle Newsletter – February 2020

The real numbers behind walking – be one step ahead. Getting a good value for winter rentals – what to think about. Planning your new garden – what might be new for you? Recipe of the Month – Celebration Chocolate Cupcakes. […]

Retirement Newsletter – January 2020

How the secure act impacts retirement accounts. A new federal law, the setting up every community for retirement enhancement (secure) act, directly affects retirees and retirement savers. It changes the rules regarding “stretching” an individual retirement account (ira) as well as longstanding retirement account rules keyed to age 70 1/2. […]

Lifestyle Newsletter – January 2020

A Development to Dwell On – Is a decade of more affordable homes ahead? Many homeowners aged 60 and older are expected to sell in the coming years, which may create an opportunity for new buyers in certain markets. A Good Time to Track Your Money – The start of 2020 provides the occasion to […]

Retirement Newsletter – December 2019

Ready for more time together? A career-focused couple may spend as little as 5 to 6 hours interacting with each other on most days, given hours spent working, commuting, shopping, and running errands apart. Once retired, that same couple may spend as many as 15 to 16 hours together each day, with work and commuting […]

Lifestyle Newsletter – December 2019

Low Fares at the Last Minute – What are the ways to get a cheap flight, even when you have to travel with short notice? Here are some tips that may help in the search for a good deal. Credit the Difference to the Card – Have chip cards really made credit card usage much […]

Retirement Newsletter – November 2019

Working a little in retirement may be easier than you think. Increasingly, Americans older than 65 are finding compelling reasons to return to the workforce, whether part time or full time. Some want the money; some want the challenge and sense of purpose. One factor in their favor: companies in many industries are having a […]

Lifestyle Newsletter – November 2019

Reevaluating Red Meat – Does the new thinking on red meat stack up? Mail-Order Houses? – Tiny houses are just a few clicks away. Getting Real with REAL ID – Identification requirements are changing for domestic flights. Recipe of the Month – Chipotle-Maple Chicken Thighs. […]

Retirement Newsletter – October 2019

Generating retirement income. Each day, more than 10,000 Americans celebrate their 65th birthday. It’s a milestone, and for some, it signifies the beginning of retirement. Your friends, family, and coworkers may know you’re planning to retire. Some might even ask “When’s the big day?” If you have concerns about maintaining retirement income, you may not […]

Lifestyle Newsletter – October 2019

Making Room for Ourselves – Why do we hold onto things we haven’t used in years and find it hard to let go of what our friends and neighbors might simply call “useless stuff”? It relates to our happiness. We may become even happier, though, with less of it. How Many Buckets for a Rainy […]

Retirement Newsletter – September 2019

Sunnier prospects for working as a senior. In recent years, a steady stream of articles has appeared, questioning baby boomers’ hopes to keep working part time in their retirement years. These articles have tended to take a skeptical view of such ambitions. Well, maybe it is time to sweep some of the skepticism away. […]